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6th Jun 2018

The Process...The Lowry CAT works with Morgann Runacre-Temple

This year I am in one of three CAT Performance groups, working with Morgann Runacre-Temple on an end of year piece entitled ‘No, No, No (I know you love me now)’. This piece works with classical and Cunningham technique to explore counterpoints and juxtaposition.

Morgann has worked with The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training before in partnership with Jessica Wright through a dance film named ‘Curing Albrecht’, which won Best Film 2018 at NRDFF and Best Director at Portland Dance Film Festival. Additionally, Morgann was previously a choreographer in residence for Ballet Ireland, where she created over five full-length ballets such as ‘Coppelia’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. She now works as a freelance choreographer in London working in Ballet, Contemporary dance, Theatre, Dance Film and Opera.


We first intensively worked with Morgann during our 6 day Easter Intensive in April alongside our CAT Tutor Lyndsey Thomas. The days began with a technique class, which allowed us to get our bodies warm and into the classical Cunningham style of work. Afterwards Morgann would set us off on creative tasks. My favourite one from the Easter Intensive was a duet task where one person followed a body part from the other dancer. For example, I would be led down to the floor by my partner’s right knee then via my ribcage circling, she would turn. Through learning repertoire created by Morgann and development of our own creative work the piece began to take shape and by the end of the week a twenty-minute piece had been created. I enjoy dancing this work, as there are constant changes in speed, direction and style, as an audience member you are not sure where the dancer will move next.
Similarly, the music is just as interesting. Morgann has chosen recognisable pop tunes however classical singers sing them, which gives an exciting twist to well know songs. This juxtaposition is shown in the movement of the dancer as classical movements are contrasted with a contemporary twist.


Last weekend was our second intensive with Morgann. Over the two days more repertoire, creative work and solos were added to the piece, giving the work many exciting layers. I'm looking forward to rehearsing this piece over the next month with the direction of our Tutor Lyndsey, as every time you dance Morgann’s work you find something else to work on, which means the piece is ever evolving.

The audience can look forward to intricate arm movements paired with long leg kicks and a new perspective on Cunningham technique. This work with be showcased at the CAT end of year show ‘The Lowry CAT: Triple Bill’ on July 28th and 29th in an evening alongside professional work from Joss Arnott and Jamaal Burkmar performed by fellow CAT Students as well as guest performances including The Royal Ballet Primary Steps, The Lowry Youth Dance Company & CAT Alumni. 

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Written by Placement & Current CAT Student Rebekah Hall

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