The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training

The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training in Dance from NorthWestDance on Vimeo.


The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training Scheme is a part time, pre-vocational course, providing access to high quality training and nurturing in dance to young people who have a passion for the art form and who wish to progress toward full time training.

The scheme is funded by the Department of Education through the recognised Music and Dance Scheme and offers intensive training opportunities with professional dance teachers, choreographers and practitioners.


"to help identify, and assist, children with exceptional potential, regardless of their personal circumstances, to benefit from world-class specialist training as part of a broad and balanced education, which will enable them, if they choose, to proceed towards self-sustaining careers in music and dance.” (Music and Dance Scheme Advisory Group’s Report 2000/01)

The scheme is open to anyone from the ages of 12 – 16 years of age; although once on the scheme, students can stay on until the age of 18.

Entry to the scheme is through an audition process although the criteria will look closely at the potential of each student regardless of their previous dance experience. We will be looking for those young people who demonstrate exceptional potential, commitment and enthusiasm in dance.

The primary aim of the scheme is to provide an important foundation from which students can access professional training conservatoires, advancing their potential towards a sustainable and successful career in dance.