Merseyside Dance Inititative exists in order to provide the opportunity for a large proportion of the Northwest region to experience the many benefits that dance has to offer within a viable structure. The aim of MDI is to inspire people through dance, strengthen the dance sector and provide access and support to all those who engage in dance activity (artists, participants and audiences), and find new ways of reaching those who don’t through its ethos of inclusivity.
Since 1890 Merseyside Youth Association has provided a range of diverse, inclusive and quality services for young people. They strive to positively engage young people, to meet their needs and enable them to reach their full potential. MYA is committed to inclusive, anti oppressive practice, which puts young people at the centre. MYA organises a range of generic and specialist support services for young people aged 7-25 who live in Merseyside. The work MYA offers is divided into 6 extended support teams: Social Inclusion/Alternative Education, Arts, Youth Work, Support Services, Sports, and Health.
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