Sub Regional Dance Development

NorthWestDance works closely with many different dance agencies and organisations around the five regions of the Northwest to spread the word and to get everybody dancing!
Cheshire Dance are Cheshire's regional dance agency whilst Homegrown Dance Theatre also provide dance provision and performance opportunities in the area. The region also houses arts venues such as Pyramid Parr Hall and The Brindley Arts Centre.
Cumbria hosts organisations such as Dance Cumbria and Dare Dance and is home to The Brewery Arts Centre.
Dance Inititative Greater Manchester is Greater Manchester's central dance agency working across the ten boroughs of the region. 
Lancashire hosts a variety of organisations such as Ludus Dance, Lancashire Sport and Burnley Youth Theatre.
Merseyside Dance Inititative, Wirral Youth Theatre and Merseyside Youth Association are Merseyide's main point of contact when accessing dance in and around the region.